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TownCraft is a game made by Flat Earth Games. This is a wiki concerning it created and maintained by people not directly affiliated with Flat Earth. (But some of the devs do stop by from time to time -- Rohan)

It is now available for sale on Steam (for Windows & Mac) and the iOS App Store for iPad/iPhone.


(From the iTunes App Store Page)

Towncraft is a surreal crafting and city-building game.
You are alone in the wilderness back in medieval times, and must start a new town to be the celebration of all the kingdoms!
To the West lies King Oligarchy, a narcissist primarily absorbed with his own reflection. To the East: Queen Omnibus, busy 'taming' neighbouring kingdoms with the tip of her blade.
In between is you.
You begin by crafting the most basic of tools: marrying a sharpened stone to a small piece of wood crafts a hatchet; and as you gather more resources you craft buildings, windmills and wells, and start farming. Before long your town will be teeming with travellers from all across the land having heard of your remarkable town. They'll buy your wares at the local shops, come to check out the sights, have some food and drink at your tavern, they'll come looking to trade with you, or work for you, and offer you quests. Fish, farm, forage, hire, fire (and if you don't have enough coin to pay them, they just might quit), and explore the bizarre and unique world of TownCraft. (Hint: the higher the town rating is the more wealthy people come to buy your goods!)


  • How to Play - Basic tutorial on how to play TownCraft.
  • Game Interfaces - More details about the game's interfaces.
  • Buildings - The name says it all
  • Building Materials - All the building materials which can be used to create buildings in TownCraft.
  • Workers - People who do stuff for you
  • Crafting Devices - All the machines that are used to craft items in TownCraft
  • Recipes - For all resources in the game.
  • Objects - All objects as the game world.
  • Quests - Help us develop a comprehensive list of all the available quests.
  • Tools - All the tools which can be used to harvest things in the game.
  • Gallery - Show off your town!
  • Tutorials - Guides to certain aspects of the game


  • Version History  - Versions and changes between them (maintained by Rohan).
TownCraft Farm

Towncraft is a crafting and exploration game which starts out humble enough, but allows players to reach new heights as they create fully working medieval industries and grows a town completely from scratch.

TownCraft BigTown

Turn a down-on-their-luck protagonist into the King of their world, one invention at a time. Order your citizens around and pay them in turnips!

TownCraft Crafting

For those who like their iOS games with a little depth – an easy-to-use interface but hours of hidden gameplay within.

TownCraft WoodHut

We all know it can be hard to be an environmentalist all the time – use Towncraft as a stress release, ruining trees with reckless aplomb.

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